Creating wealth while in poverty

“This brand was created to encourage those who are stuck in poverty, but see a bigger picture and envision dreams outside of their neighborhoods. Everything that is created within this brand is pure and rich. With that being said, to those who are in poverty, REACH FOR THE STARS AND CHASE YOUR DREAMS. Remember you are rich within” - AMORYUS

Chase Your Dreams
Meet The owner

Amory Smith is a successful American entrepreneur from Virginia Beach. Amory was born in 2001, went to Princess Anne High School and graduated there. Amory has two passions in his life, one is fashion art and the other thing is basketball. He played basketball for Bayside High School and Princess Anne High! Amory also had a dream of starting his own fashion brand. In the beginning of 2021, he powered up his childhood dream by making his very own fashion brand, AMORY US. There is an old saying that it is worth living one day doing what you love rather than living a hundred years doing what you do not love. It was a huge risk to start a business in 2021. But he took that huge risk to live up his dream


Amory Us has a road of success from the beginning. It has also become a trend among some popular rap artist. Amory Us currently produce Shoes, T- Shirts and caps. Lil Mosey, a popular rapper from LA, who has 4.5 million followers on Instagram was seen with the “Amory Af1’s” shoe design created by Amory himself. This “Amory Af1’s” signature shoe product had very great success in its initial launch. It had 100+ sales in its first 10 days. Popular rap artist, Baby Face Ray has also been spotted wearing Amory US. AMORY US is not just another clothing brand in the country. Its core values are to inspire those who struggle for a better tomorrow while stuck in poverty. We are here to give a head start to those who struggle in poor neighborhoods and promote “CHASE YOUR DREAM” at any cost no matter where you come from.

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